Once to the, Anya holds particular files, and so they abandon the two police

Once to the, Anya holds particular files, and so they abandon the two police

They go up to back. Exactly what Jack and you can Anya do not know would be the fact Schmitt is actually operating to possess a great corrupt CIA broker named Seas, who wants to sell the new MK Super on large buyer. Seaka and Urich would like to get their on the job the fresh new MK Ultra for the very same reason. Plus it are Schmitt exactly who oversaw the new bombing from George’s limo. Jack and you may Anya place low to possess a night at a giant family. For the overnight, Schmitt plus one regarding their boys find Cyrell, an excellent wheelchair-using child who’s enjoying more Amanda for Anya. Shortly immediately after, Seaka and you can Urich make it happen, and a few minutes later on, Jack and you can Anya make it happen.

Right back at large domestic, Jack calls their CIA buddy Rogers, who is a great hacker

Amanda is not here. But Jack do see Amanda’s backpack. Seaka and you may Urich are located in, and you can Seaka holds Anya and you will leaves a weapon to their lead. Seaka says to Jack provide him the latest MK Super, or Anya becomes deceased. Jack propels Seaka and Urich, and you may Jack and you can Anya avoid. Seaka becomes deceased, and you can Urich calls Jensen and you will wants a meeting on the rooftop of a vehicle parking garage. Jack asks Rogers so you’re able to deceive into MK Super project and you can stop it for good. On top of the parking driveway, Urich matches having Jensen, the person one to Urich and Oceans for every single want to promote brand new MK Super to help you. Jensen and his boy begin overcoming Urich right up.

As an element of a plan to set Jensen up, she informs your you to definitely Jack try meeting with Oceans and you will Schmitt on main library. Once they hang up, Jensen’s boy kills smooch dating Urich. Just as Jack and you may Anya was making the huge household, men during the a chopper reveals fire on it. The man is actually doing work for Seas. Jack and Anya focus on straight back into the and you can get-off out the front home so you’re able to Anya’s cab. While they leave, the chopper provides pursue, and Jack and you will Anya hide the auto in a few trees. Jack will get away and you can fires numerous photos, resulting in the chopper so you can explode. In the embassy, Jack waits to have Ambassador Cochran in her workplace. Jack says to the woman to inform Oceans to get to know that have your on this new Main Collection.

Within collection, Jack observes Schmitt and you can Oceans. Oceans possess one of his males show this lady in order to him with the good balcony significantly more than. H2o informs Jack he possess a minute to give up the algorithm, otherwise Amanda might be thrown from the balcony. Unexpectedly, Jack fatally propels the person who’s holding Amanda. Schmitt tries to take Anya. Jack grabs Waters’s give, and pushes Seas to help you fatally take to Schmitt. Immediately after which Jack fires five images, killing Waters. As the Anya tries to rating Amanda to help you protection, Jensen’s several henchmen open fire toward Jack. Jack kills one of them, after which faces Jensen with his most other henchman.

Jack grabs Jensen’s gun hands and causes Jensen so you’re able to fire a couple shots, killing the newest henchman, and then Jack puts Jensen’s eyes out, and you will actually leaves your in order to pass away

As Jack renders, George stages in side out-of him with a tool. Jack eliminates George that with a fighting styles disperse, a new struck towards tits, one to directs George backwards to the a wall, and there is bloodstream for the wall because George slumps off. Rogers cheats toward MK Super system and you can sets a conclusion towards the enterprise, and you may Jack was reunited with Amanda. After, Ambassador Cochran provides Jack good passport to give so you’re able to Anya so she will be able to check out The usa. Shortly after Jack and you can Amanda get back to the us, Jack gets Amanda a pony to be therefore fearless in Romania.